Community Activity Department

Community Activity Department


The focus of this department is providing Jewish and Israel content programming for groups of youth and adults.  These groups are for the most part from English speaking countries, but also include groups of Israelis and non – English speaking countries.  The major portion of the departments’ activities are for youth coming to Israel, but there are also groups of adults coming to Israel and groups of Israelis going abroad.

The department can provide activities of “doing” as well as “meeting.” These range from multi – day seminars of volunteer activity in Israel, to meetings with the varied communities of people living in the country.  Working in conjunction with the organizational leadership of the group in providing the activities which will be optimal in fulfilling their goals is the central concept of Community Activity.  This will be a program that will allow them to gain the maximum knowledge while with us, and bring this home to their community.

The Institute has a highly developed television/video facility, which can be used to help groups receive training in publicizing their programs and transmitting it to others.  Their excellent teaching staff is put at the group’s disposal, and helps provide activities that will best serve the groups’ needs.

Institute facilities not only provide an optimal setting for the groups, but the variety of ongoing activities conducted here allows the group to broaden the depth of its program.  The Institute’s location  in Haifa, the fact that it has been in existence since 1942, and its long standing contacts with other Institutions both here and throughout the country, assist the group in its program development.

We have both hostels and a guest house that are comfortable, and keep the kosher food service at a high level in our kitchens and dining room; while at the same time maintaining prices that are acceptable to the “havaya yisraeli” programs of the Jewish Agency.  See Accommodations listing.

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