Shoshanat Hamidbar

Shoshanat Hamidbar


Shoshanat Hamidbar was founded in 1998 by Oren Manela with the vision of building an educational and ethical framework to experience the table games of Dungeons and Dragons – D&D. It does enrichment work within schools and community centers in the north of the country and Haifa, and runs many activities in the world of role-playing games . We have set ourselves a goal to pass on educational messages and values ​​to children and youth, while imparting social skills to the entire group . The game ” Dungeons and Dragons ” allows the children to create a different, imaginary world , full of legendary creatures that allows them to be heroes in a safe environment and in an educational game .




Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game, which has been around for over 40 years . When playing Dungeons and Dragons , players use their imagination to play heroes from another world who collaborate within a band of heroes who are in an adventure that combines puzzles , problem solving , planning and execution of combat tactics on paper, whiteboard , in the imagination or even on a computer . The characters created by the children are the characters they are played in the game over a long time and many meetings. Today we have an educational center in the Ruthenberg institution where children learn and play D&D together.

If you are able to read hebrew, you can find further information, but nonetheless impressions on their website 

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