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Pinchas Rutenberg (1879-1941) was an outstanding Jewish leader in pre-state days who is best known as the founder of the Israel Electricity Company. Upon his death, Rutenberg willed his estate to Jewish youth – to be used for their education in the spirit of Jewish unity. Since its inception, this Institute, which bears his name, has conducted programs for training youth, teachers, communal workers, and youth workers: from city neighborhoods, development towns, rural areas and villages. It makes every effort to maintain its commitment to foster and initiate new and innovative educational programs and technologies, particularly in areas which the Ministry of Education has for some reason not yet entered. Another goal which has characterized the Rutenberg Institute program since its inception is an ongoing involvement in social welfare programs for youth advancement through education of all religious and ethnic groups living in the region. Youth from problem neighborhoods and isolated towns and villages are given special encouragement and assistance to participate in our programs. The first program undertaken by the Institute in 1942 was one af absorbing new immigrants, which is still a subject of special and ongoing interest to us. Finally the Institute’s facilities are used by youth groups and those who work with them from all parts of the world in a variety of training seminars which we prepare. The campus also serves as an educational conference center for government and public organizations. Non Profit Status and Finances The Rutenberg Institute is a certified Non-Profit Institution and Non-Profit Organization and belongs to “The Volunteer and non Profit Sector” in Israel. It is not part of any government, municipal, public or private company, nor is it affiliated with any political party.

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